[GSOC 2018] Extending clang AST

Hello all,

My name is Stefan and I’m a 3rd year undergraduate student from Serbia. This year was the first (and probably last) time i got to learn about compilers and compiler development and I really liked it. As it sparked my interest, I started researching and found about llvm and GSoC in particular. Since I found out about GSoC a bit to late and had no prior experience with llvm, I decided to wait a year and apply for next years GSoC (hopefully llvm will participate).

From this years project ideas, ‘Extend clang AST to provide information for the type as written in template instantiations.’ looked most interesting. It was not taken last year and, if I’m not wrong, there wasn’t a single inquiry about it this year. That said I’d like to try to work on it throughout the year in order to gain better understanding of llvm and clang. If this sounds ok to you, I hope it won’t be a problem if occasionally I seek for some help here (from the current confirmed mentors or anyone willing to help) or on IRC channel, but without the need to fit the some schedule at all.

Lastly, I’d like to hear your thoughts and suggestions where to start. I started watching Manuel Klimek’s talk about clang ast. Any additional readings and/or advices would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Stipanovic