Help with building MLIR

I am building MLIR with LLVM, using the


option in CMakeCache. Indeed, the MLIR files are in my build tree.

Can someone tell me how to build just MLIR, or, better yet, just mlir-tblgen? I'm building llvm-tblgen with

ninja -j 6 bin/llvm-tblgen.exe

And so, silly me, I assumed I could just add

ninja -j 6 bin/mlir-tblgen.exe

But no joy. I haven't yet gotten the hang of specifying what to build.

Re-replying to llvm-dev...

Hi Paul,

I’m not on windows, but I usually build it with just ninja mlir-tblgen.

I also use -DLLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS=MLIR to enable it, I have never tried LLVM_TOOL_MLIR_BUILD, I don’t know if it is equivalent.
See the “Getting Started” doc here:

(Feel free to join us on Discord if you’d like to get more “live” help: )

Thanks! It has to be in this list, as you suggested:


Let me check out Discord.