Holiday update on LLVM's Relicensing effort

I wanted to send out a general but brief update on relicensing as holiday season (at least in my part of the world) approaches.

(If you don’t know what the relicensing effort is, or want background, see our website:

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who has gone through the relicensing form and individual agreement. We are making fantastic progress, with well over 500 individual agreements completed. This covers over 73% of committers and over 80% of commits in the last 6 months, and over 63% of committers and over 74% of commits in the last 2 years.

But we need to get these higher, so if you haven’t already…

Please send me the best holiday gift you can by filling out the agreement form below:


We plan to install the new developer policy on January 14th, at which point commit access will be disabled for anyone not covered by an agreement.

We have emailed every committer in the last 6 months who hasn’t gone through the form twice about this already, and will be sending weekly emails from now until the switch happens.

We have emailed every committer in the last 2 years who hasn’t gone through the form once, and will send at least two more direct emails before the 14th.

Also, please, if at all possible, sign the agreement as part of this. While you may in fact be 100% certain that all of your contributions are owned by your employer, in many cases the LLVM Foundation will end up having to verify this which is a very expensive operation and may significantly delay us confirming that you are covered so we can restore commit access.

And last but not least, if relevant, please forward the information on our relicensing page to your current employer as we will need to get them to sign the corporate agreement by January as well:
(Note that companies that have already signed or we are in active discussions with are listed.)

Thank you again to everyone who has helped with this, is working with their employers to get these things taken care of, and who has gone through the individual agreement process.

Is there an elephant in the room? You missed what I’d think is the most important number. How much of the code is or isn’t covered? Congrats on almost/maybe/sorta getting all recent work covered, but what about all the work past that?

If you can’t get this number higher… congrats and happy holidays on losing 20% of your future potential contributions :slight_smile:


Not at all being skipped.

The milestone we’re targetting is putting the new policy and license in place for new contributions so we stop accumulating things we need this for.

Once we get the new policy and license in place for new code, we’ll definitely switch to exactly the metrics you describe and begin working to push that number down.

I’m certain you have considered this, but I do wonder if this is possible. Feel free to ignore this mostly “thinking out loud” reply…