Inconsistency between clang-query and ASTmatcher with named values


There is an Inconsistency between clang-query and matcher with named values.

An user can declare a named value whose name contains an underscore. If used, clang-query reports (from libASTMatcher) a parsing error.

Example :

clang-query> let f fieldDecl(hasName("s"))
clang-query> match f

Match #1:

/home/david/code/pangolin/ws/resources/cpp_projects/test1/src/t.cpp:13:3: note: "root" binds here
   std::string s;
1 match.
clang-query> m recordDecl(has(f))

Match #1:

/home/david/code/pangolin/ws/resources/cpp_projects/test1/src/t.cpp:12:1: note: "root" binds here
struct B {
1 match.
clang-query> let f_ fieldDecl(hasName("s"))
clang-query> match f_
1:3: Expected end of code.
clang-query> m recordDecl(has(f_))
1:2: Error parsing argument 1 for matcher recordDecl.
1:18: Error parsing matcher. Found token <_> while looking for ','.


Côme David