Is anyone using still using the python bindings?


The python bindings for LLVM haven't seen any meaningful changes
in over 3 years. Is there anyone actively using these bindings?
Can we consider removing them from the tree?


I’d suggest talking to Anders about it. They’ve been the most active in there over the years. I still occasionally use it in some personal scripting but nothing worth talking about. I could write it in C++ if I needed to :slight_smile:


I havn't used them for the last few releases (so I can even say if they
are in a working state currently).

I have ported over the things I was using it for to C++.

So I have no objections removing them. (Except that it decimates my
authorship lines - but I guess I'll have to find some other part to
contribute to).


We can always bring them back if people want and are using them.

Tom: Feel free to delete with a comment in the release notes about it.