Job openings to work on LLVM, Clang, and LLDB at Apple

Apple’s Developer Tools team is seeking exceptional engineers to work on LLVM, Clang, and LLDB. Positions are open at a variety of levels of experience. Select positions are highlighted below. Please send all responses to, including the relevant job title and a CV.

We look forward to meeting you at EuroLLVM!

GPU Compiler Engineer
[]( compiler engineer&t=1&so=&b=OS&lo=0USA&pN=0&openJobId=55107714)

Clang Frontend Compiler Engineer
[]( Frontend Compiler Engineer&t=1&so=&b=OS&lo=0USA&pN=0&openJobId=48341019)

Compiler Engineer
[]( Compiler Engineer&t=1&so=&b=OS&lo=0USA&pN=0&openJobId=49988251)

Low Level Debug Software Engineer
[]( Level Debug Software Engineer&t=1&so=&b=OS&lo=0USA&pN=0&openJobId=55343592)

OS Tools Software Engineering Manager
[]( Tools Software Engineering Manager&t=1&so=&b=OS&lo=0USA&pN=0)

The Data Center Group is seeking exceptional engineers to work on optimizing just-in-time (JIT) compilers for virtual machines for our server based platforms. The responsibilities of this position include analyzing workloads to determine bottlenecks, utilize strong knowledge of our micro-architecture to improve performance and work with the open source communities to drive target specific changes into JIT compilers. The ideal candidate will love to squeeze every bit of performance out of a system and enjoy working with open source communities.

For full details please see:

Please apply @ (i.e., I will not be accepting resumes directly).


Dear Chad,

Is this position related to LLVM or an LLVM-based project?

Job ads for jobs using or working with LLVM are fine, but they should explicitly state the connection to LLVM. The description below makes no mention of LLVM.


John Criswell

Hi John,
I was posting the position on behalf of another team within my group, DCG. The scope of the work is fairly broad and is closely related to the type of work we do with LLVM, but I don't believe the potential candidate will work directly on LLVM (at least that's not the immediate plan). I apologize if I've somehow misused the mailing list; that was certainly not my intent. I'll be more careful going forward.


HI Chad,

As John points out, job postings to this list are okay if and only if they are somehow related to LLVM. We understand that mistakes happen, but please keep in mind for the future. Thanks!


Will do, Chris! Again, my apologizes.

Just out of curiosity: where the requirement comes from?

If I remember correctly, Chris Lattner added the rule back when we first made llvmdev a public mailing list (I helped moderate the list). The goal, as I recall, was to keep messages on llvmdev on-topic. If we allowed non-LLVM related job posts, we’d probably get swamped with job ads. As far as I can tell, the community has supported this rule; I haven’t seen any complaints against it. Regards, John Criswell

Just out of curiosity: where the requirement comes from?

llvm-dev is a mailing list about LLVM. It is not a general compiler engineer forum. Postings that are not related to LLVM are off topic.

This isn’t a new rule, it has been long standing and is just common sense.