lit tests failure

Hi all,

I'm seeing some errors on the up-to-date clang tree:

--- Running clang tests for i686-pc-linux-gnu --- lit.cfg:146: note: using clang:
'/home/rengol01/temp/llvm/Debug/bin/clang' lit.cfg:151: note: using clang-cc:
FAIL: Clang::CodeGen/object-size.c (389 of 1698)
FAIL: Clang::Preprocessor/assembler-with-cpp.c (858 of 1698)
FAIL: Clang::Preprocessor/output_paste_avoid.c (951 of 1698)
Testing Time: 21.15s

Hi Renato,

Run lit with the "-v" parameter to get more information about the tests
being run. Personally, I like to use lit -sv to get verbose output just for
the failures (but succinct output everywhere else).

Excellent! Will use that from now on.

Btw, great work on the lit, it's very easy and straightforward to use.

Those three failures look like they are now fixed.

Yes, just a few minutes after my post! I wish all my problems were
solved that fast... :wink:


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