LLVM 14.0.3 Release

LLVM 14.0.3 is now available. This release is a bug-fix release and is API and ABI compatible with 14.0.0. We have released 14.0.3 ahead of schedule to correct a major issue with the 14.0.2 release.

Note that we have adopted a new release schedule for the project , so there will be a new bug-fix release (14.0.x) every 2 weeks. 14.0.5 is the last planned release, but we may do a 14.0.6 release if there are critical issues found in 14.0.5.

Releases sources and binaries can be found on the release page .

Below is the full list of changes since 14.0.2:

1f9140064dfb Bump version to 14.0.3
2e7e14177186 workflows: Add a test to ensure that the LLVM version is correct