LLVM 17.0.4 Released

We are happy to announce that LLVM 17.0.4 is now released!

This includes the main LLVM project, and its subprojects including clang, lld, libc++, and MLIR.


This was a smaller release and contains a bunch of fixes all over the source tree:


Find sources and binaries on GitHub.

A note on binaries

Volunteers make binaries for the LLVM project and will be uploaded when they have had time to test and build these binaries. They might not be available directly or not at all for each release. We suggest you use the binaries from your distribution or build your own if you rely on a specific platform or configuration.

Next release

The next release will be 17.0.5, in two weeks 14th of November. Please file issues you find in 17.0.4 in the 17.x milestone.

I expect 17.0.5 to be the last or next-to-last release of the 17.x series. Please make sure to get the fixes in in time.