LLVM 2.1 Release Plan


Its been 2 months since our last release, so its time to start thinking about LLVM 2.1. Ideally, we like to do releases every 3 months, but the last release was an unusually long 6 month release cycle.

For this release, I'm planning to do things slightly differently. I'm proposing the following schedule for our 2.1 release:

August 27th - I'll do a comparision of llvm-test 2.0 release with TOT and file bugs for new regressions. This is just to get the ball rolling and people working on known regressions. (Ideally we should be tracking this all the time and will as soon as a I get a chance to finish modifying our nightly tester)
September 12 - Code Freeze and Branch creation. September 14 - Tarballs out for first round of testing. Drafts of release notes and announcement go out at this time as well.
September 19 - First round of testing completed.
September 20 - Next round of tarballs out for testing.
September 25 - Second round of testing completed.
September 27 - Release Out

This is a much tighter schedule and will also include an optional 3rd round of testing which would push the release to Oct 2nd.

I need to update the LLVM release document, but otherwise this is what I have planned. In the end it will be 4 months since the last release.

If anyone has objections or suggestions, please say so now.

Tanya Lattner