LLVM 2.5 Release!

Hi Everyone,

LLVM 2.5 is live: you can download it here:
Download LLVM releases and read about it here:
LLVM 2.5 Release Notes

LLVM 2.5 includes an amazing collection of bug fixes, performance improvements (both in the compiler itself and in the generated code) and new features. Some highlights include a new XCore backend, significantly improved llvm-gcc GFortran support, code generator support for arbitrary sized integers (e.g. i71), support for acting on overflow of integer operations, an amazing new "Writing an LLVM Compiler Backend" document, and many many other things. Please read the release notes for details.

In addition to this release, there are a number of exciting projects that work with and build upon the LLVM 2.5 foundation, but are not included as an official part of the release. These include the new Clang C/ObjC front-end, the VMKit Java VM and .NET VM, the Pure functional programming language, the "LDC" LLVM D Compiler, Roadsend PHP compiler, and many others. Short status updates for these projects are included in the LLVM 2.5 release notes, and there are plenty of other projects using LLVM.

If you have questions or comments about this release, please contact the LLVMdev mailing list!


LLVM 2.4 Release Announcement: