LLVM 3.4 Pre-Announcement!

Hi developers!

We are at that time of year again where we need to think about Santa Claus, parties with friends, and the LLVM next release. :slight_smile: There isn’t a schedule yet, but I would like to begin things the week after the developers meeting, which should be pretty awesome and I can’t wait!! (This explains why I’ve been on a tear to fix / close out the PRs.)

What this means for you:

* Please get your new features in order. I would love to add your new feature to the release, but it needs to be solid before that can be done. There’s plenty of time left, so don’t panic. Just please note that it’s coming up.

* Please update the ReleaseNotes.rst files! This is mega important, as no one person has the time to go through 10^12 commits since the 3.3 release and determine what’s new and what’s not. If you added something you want to crow about, write it in there! :slight_smile:

* Please fix some of the more horrible bugs that are in your queue. I’ve been trying to keep on top of the bug queue, but there are a lot of them. If you have one that should definitely be fixed before the release, please feel free to mark it as a “release blocker”

* Please write your blog posts! … oh wait … that’s me. :wink:

This should be a pretty great release. Thank you all for your help. And as always, our release dates will never slip! ;-D

Share and enjoy!