llvm bugzilla not indexable

Hi all,

As I was perusing LLVM Bugzilla, I noticed that it’s not indexed by search engines, probably thanks to the robots.txt file* which inhibits all indexing.

I think that it’s extremely useful for these issues to show up in say google search queries, so I wonder if it’s just an oversight or if there’s another reason for this.



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Allow: /index.cgi
Disallow: /

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We explicitly disallow indexing of bugzilla due to lots of bogus
requests from broken bots which create major workload on llvm.org.

It probably could be setup to whitelist some of the well-behaved search engine bots. If it’s set to disallow by default then the broken bots should not try to index it.

Well... the reality is that the broken bots sometimes ignore
robots.txt (and therefore we have to block certain IP ranges) and
broken bots also mimic the benign ones.