LLVM Developer Meet-up in Sydney

G'day llvm-dev,

After a relatively successful first informal social meet-up in Sydney, a few of us have decided that we really ought to have a more formal developer meet-up even at a small scale. Given this, I along with Ben, Jingling, and Yulei are planning to hold a developer meet-up here in Sydney relatively soon. Here are thee details:

Where: TBD [0]
When: October 11th, 2016 5pm (Tuesday)
What: LLVM Developer/User meet-up
Preliminary Topics:
- ddc
- XRay in LLVM

If you're interested in attending, please RSVP ahead of time by sending me (dean.berris@gmail.com or dberris@google.com) a message by September 23rd. If you'd like to give a short (20 minutes max, informal, un-recorded) presentation, please indicate that in your message as well [1].

Thanks in advance and hope to see you down under!

-- Dean

[0] We already have one place in mind, but that's dependent on interest numbers and whether there's enough people that we may need to limit the attendance or find a larger venue.
[1] We can probably add another 2 onto the initial list of preliminary topics.

G'day again llvm-dev,

To make RSVP'ing easier, I've setup a meetup.com event for this:

We also already have a venue secured for the time, and it will be in the Google Australia office. Space is limited so if you're looking to show up on the night, please RSVP (so we can count how many Pizza's we're getting). :slight_smile:

See you then!