LLVM Users and Developers Meetup in Sydney, May 31, 2018

Hi llvm-dev!

TL;DR: https://www.meetup.com/LLVM-Developers-Users-Meetup/events/250682391/

If you're in Sydney, Australia around that time, please join us in kicking
off a series of meetups to bring more enthusiasts up to speed with the LLVM
project -- from the toolchain, to the APIs and eventually some of the
infrastructure internals. The goal is to grow the community in Sydney,

If you'd like to get involved, please reach out to me directly (or on the
list) and let's make this happen!

From the public meetup post:

This meetup, we've scheduled a few talks dedicated to introducing the LLVM
project and how to use the various tools and libraries in a variety of
situations. This first meetup will feature two talks on:

- How to get started with using the tools that come with the LLVM project,
from scratch!

- The various tools that are part of the LLVM toolchain, what they're for,
and how to maximise their utility in everyday usage.

We still have two 30-minute slots open, so reach out if you're interested
in giving a talk or demo.

This meetup is also a kick-off meetup for a series dedicated to bringing
more enthusiasts together and up to speed with the LLVM tools, development
process, and internals. We're also looking for interested presenters and
those with experience already working with the LLVM compiler infrastructure.

Please bring your laptop, so you can play along with the demos!