LLVM GPU Working Group – 3rd Meeting – Friday, March 18, 2022, 11am ET / 3pm UTC


The 3rd LLVM GPU WG meeting is scheduled for this Friday at 11am ET / 3pm UTC.

The proposed agenda with a detailed meeting information (video call link, calendar links, etc.) is available at LLVM GPU Working Group Meeting Agenda / Notes - Google Docs .

Feel free to add comments / suggestions to the document to propose new agenda items.

Hope to see you there,

Just a reminder that the next GPU WG meeting is tomorrow. Please double check the meeting time against the calendar invite as we switched to the daylight saving time last weekend and some local times changed.

So far the only agenda item is ’ HLSL and graphics code generation targets’ by @beanz. Feel free to add more topics by leaving suggestions/comments in the agenda doc.

The meeting starts in one hour.