LLVM GPU Working Group Meeting – Friday, December 2, 2022


The next LLVM GPU WG meeting is scheduled for this Friday at 11am ET / 4pm UTC.

The proposed agenda with detailed meeting information (video call link, calendar links, etc.) is available at LLVM GPU Working Group Meeting Agenda / Notes - Google Docs .

We have one discussion item on the agenda at the moment: change of format of the LLVM GPU News newsletter. Feel free to add more items to the agenda.

Hope to see you there,

@arsenm I think you’ve just added the uniformity analysis phabricator link to the agenda. Do you want to talk about it in general, or do you expect main participant to get familiar with the patch before the meeting to discuss something specific?

Unfortunately, I am not available this Friday evening, IST. The intention is to attract attention to the review since we are not seeing any feedback. The ask remains the same … we need people familiar with divergence to go over the spec and the implementation.

From the ping I sent on discourse, and the review:

The concepts are sound, as far as they were reviewed by people working directly on that change. The analysis is new and does not affect existing pipelines. The AMDGPU pipeline is eager to use this analysis and is committed to maintaining it. Is this sufficient reason to let the patch through?

For submitting, at least a code review is necessary, which does not need domain expertise.

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Just a reminder that we meet tomorrow.

As of now, we have these topics on the agenda:

Oops, what time this was

11am ET / 4pm UTC

I can add you (and others) to the calendar event if you would like, just DM me your email.

And in the future, I’ll also make sure to post in the meeting thread ~1h before the start, like I sometimes did in the past