LLVM Weekly - #442, June 20th 2022

LLVM Weekly - #442, June 20th 2022

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News and articles from around the web

The June Women in Compilers and Tools meetup will feature Angélica Moreira presenting “Static profiling: why should you try it?”.

The LLVM Bay Area meetups are restarting, with the first to take place on July 11th. RSVPing is recommended.

The 2022 Clang-Built Linux Meetup will take place in Dublin, Ireland on September 10th-11th. Registration is now open.

On the forums

LLVM commits

  • More documentation about the motivation behind opaque pointers was added. 47bfc36.

  • New gen-dxil-enum and gen-dxil-intrinsic-map TableGen backends were added. 435897b, 264c09b.

  • _Float16 support was enabled on X86 (after being reverted and recommitted many times!). 655ba9c.

  • bf16 is now promoted to f32 when the target doesn’t support it. fb34d53.

  • A new -cache-line-size= option was added to opt and llc. a9dccb0.

  • The symbolizer gained a parser for log symbolizer markup. 2040b6d.

  • A DirectX target object writer was added. 2af61e6.

Clang commits

  • A new -fdriver-only flag was introduced. c12577c.

  • The clang::annotate_type attribute was added, intended to be used to add arbitrary annotations to types for use in static analysis tools. 665da18.

  • The clang-tidy documentation files were reorganised into subdirectories. 6e566bc.

Other project commits

  • An entrypoint for LLVM libc’s printf was added, allowing a “hello world” program with just LLVM-libc to be built. ad233c6.

  • A generic data-flow analysis framework was added to MLIR. ead75d9.

  • A status page was added for math functions in LLVM’s libc. 72c1eff.

  • The LLD MachO linker gained initial support for EH frames. e183bf8, b422dac.