LLVM Weekly - #443, June 27th 2022

LLVM Weekly - #443, June 27th 2022

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News and articles from around the web

More videos from EuroLLVM have been posted.

The Berlin LLVM meetup is starting up again, with the first new meetup set to take place this Wednesday June 29th.

On the forums

LLVM commits

  • Initial codegen support was added for LoongArch. a992115, efc7005, 709e4ad, cf71f97.

  • llvm-reduce was modified to not introduce undefs. 2962f9d.

  • The process for triaging bug reports for LLVM releases was documented. 7dbb366.

  • A new pass was added to expand hardware loop pseudoinstructions on PPC. a71fe49.

  • Sub-register liveness tracking was reenabled for RISC-V vectors. 59cde21.

  • !exists<T>(s) was added to the TableGen language. It will check whether a record with type T and name s exists. 6344848.

  • Basic macrofusion infrastructure was added for the RISC-V backend. 4045b62.

  • The reasons why accessing mutable outer analyses is disallowed in the new pass manager were documented. 865812c.

  • -max-inline-stacksize=N was introduced to control inlining of functions with large stack sizes. c50e6f5.

Clang commits

  • A new checker for misuses of errno was added to the Clang static analyzer. 60f3b07.

  • Very initial clang-format Verilog support was added, including support for parsing Verilog if statements and preprocessor directives. 9ed2e68, 2e32ff1.

  • -fstrict-flex-arrays=<n> was added to allow configuring stricter handling of flexible arrays. 886715a.

  • Initial support for the MSC optimize pragma was added. 186bea3.

  • A -verify-config command line argument was added to clang-tidy. 5ca68d5.

Other project commits

  • fmod and fmodf implementations were added to LLVM’s libc. b8e8012.

  • LLDB gained an option to dump instructions in JSON and to a file. efbfde0.