LLVM Social Cambridge, UK: Call For Participation

Hi Folks,

We’re planning to restart the LLVM social in Cambridge, UK, but since the pandemic, a lot has changed, so we wanted to ask the UK community what would be their preferences for a recurring (monthly?) meeting in Cambridge. Below are a few polls, please complete them if you plan to attend at least semi-regularly (ie. every few others).

If it’s in a weekday, we shall start around 6pm~7pm, which allows people to get there (by train, if necessary), so there’s not much point in choosing the time. If it’s weekend (which I’m guessing it won’t be), we can talk about times later.

  • Best week day for LLVM Social Cambridge
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Weekend

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In the past, we have done mostly just pub, but on occasion some presentation at the Microsoft Research office, which was nice (and has lots of pubs around).

  • Best Format
  • Informal pub
  • Formal presentations
  • A mix of both
  • Other (mention in comments)

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Finally, if you’re not in Cambridge, let us have an idea where you’re coming from to allow some time to reach Cambridge, for example, delaying the presentation (if we have one), or choosing a pub closer to train/coach stations.

  • Where are you coming from?
  • Cambridge
  • London, by train
  • Cambridgeshire, by car
  • Cambridgeshire, by coach
  • Cambridgeshire, by train
  • Elsewhere in the UK (add comments)

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If you’re coming by bicycle, on foot or by train, the station is really easy. Microsoft’s office has a large number of cycle arches to tie your bike and the offices are 1min walk from the station.

If you’re coming by coach, it’s less convenient, but we can choose a pub near the centre, for example.

If you’re coming by car, remember, it’s really hard to find parking places near the station that doesn’t charge you £10. There is one off Mill Rd that is free after 6pm, but it’s always full.

Please, CC people that you think might want to come, so that we get answers as representative as they can be.


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So far, “a mix of both” is the clear winner, with Tuesday being the most popular day, and three out of ten people coming from out of Cambridge (two by train, one by coach).

The only place, so far, that we can organise a presentation is the MSR building, which is near the train station and walkable from Drummer St (coach final stop). We should do the first one there at least, and take suggestions of other (free) places to host a presentation. People can choose the pub afterwards.

[Edited to remove date suggestion, replaced with poll below]

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What date would it be best for you? (Time is around 6h30)

  • July, 5th
  • July, 12th
  • July, 19th
  • July, 26th

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Well, it seems we have an impasse: all days are equally good. :slight_smile:

So, I’ll pick the 12th, which is when both of our voluntaries for presentation can do.

Once we decide who will present, I’ll start a new thread.

If you want to present something in the future, please let me know and I’ll arrange.