LLVM Weekly - #487, May 1st 2023

LLVM Weekly - #487, May 1st 2023

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News and articles from around the web and events

nlvm, an Nim language frontend for LLVM has been released. The author provided a summary.

GCC 13.1 was released.

According to the LLVM calendar in the coming week there will be:

  • Office hours with the following hosts: Tobias Grosser, Kristof Beyls, Quentin Colombet, Johannes Doerfert.
  • Online sync-ups on the following topics: Flang, OpenMP, Clang C/C++ language working group, loop optimisation, OpenMP for flang, MLIR, HLSL, SPIR-V, MLGO, GPU.
  • For more details see the LLVM calendar, getting involved documentation on online sync ups and office hours.

On the forums

LLVM commits

  • SamplePGO gained a new algorithm to perform better when input profiles are stale. a98d6a1, 892daed.

  • The !range operator was added to TableGen. ab2187d.

  • Utility functions were introduced for converting between EBCDIC and UTF-8. b42718d.

  • The “adding a builder” documentation was updated. 73f4f56.

  • The “compiler launcher” (e.g. ccache) is now disabled on external projects and for the later stages of a multi-stage clang build. As these build steps use a fresh from-source toolchain build, they pollute the build cache with no chance of speeding things up. e38cdc5.

  • MachineValueType.h is now fully generated and IIT_Info was moved to Intrinsics.td. ddaf085, c49f850.

  • llvm.is.fpclass is now custom-lowered for RISC-V. 5b869f3.

  • powi, log, and frem are now handed in computeKnownFPClass. 8e72219, 2ff52ea, de7bfec.

  • Vector strict rounding operations are now supported on RISC-V. 1855c0a.

  • The preserve_all calling convention was added for AArch64. d75e70d.

  • denormal-fp-math now has a “dynamic” option. bc37be1.

  • -fsanitizer=kernel=memory was enabled for SystemZ. a3e56a8.

Clang commits

  • LoongArch multiarch triples are now supported in the Clang driver. 61fee67.

  • Stale projects were removed from the Clang open projects page, and some new projects added. 5e10cd7, f0630a3.

  • Gather intrinsics descriptions were added to avx2intrin.h. 039ae62.

  • __attribute__((interrupt("user"))) is no longer supported for RISC-V. This was part of the ‘N’ extension that didn’t make it into the ratified privileged specification. 05d0cae.

  • Flag output inline asm constraints on AArch64 are now supported. 4ab76b7.

  • The riscv_rvv_vector_bits(N) attribute was added, based on AArch64 arm_sve_vector_bits. 42e79d9.

Other project commits

  • An integer bitwidth narrowing pass was added to MLIR, as well as a generic mem2reg implementation. da0730b, f88f8fd.

  • A GDB/LLDB interface was added for interactive debugging of MLIR actions. 1020150.

  • A CI job was added for pstl in libcxx. 2445603.

  • Short-range thunk support was added for AArch64 in LLD. d0cdc5d.