Llvmbot appears to be spamming the issues with errors

Example: Assertion `Denominator > 0 && "Denominator cannot be 0!"' failed. · Issue #66382 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub

Error: Command failed due to missing milestone.

@danilaml Have you seen this on other issues?

aarch64 backend fails to optimize vector equal as bitmask operation · Issue #66317 · llvm/llvm-project (github.com) seems to have similar issue (maybe it’s confused by quoted code or something?).

It appears it thought that I wanted to create a pull request? Assertion `Denominator > 0 && “Denominator cannot be 0!”’ failed. · llvm/llvm-project@7472490 (github.com)

The action file looks for /branch as a command, but a link to llvm/lib/Analysis​​/BranchProbabilityInfo.cpp is enough to trigger it.
Perhaps the command check should be tighter, by requiring a space following it or requiring to be at the start of a line, something like that?

Github does not support regex in if - there are countless people desperately asking for that feature on SO & google :frowning:
It seems the best we can do is something like GitHub Actions CI Conditional Regex - Stack Overflow

Requiring a space makes sense and should significantly reduce the number of false-positives without any false-negatives. Also, surprising that it’s case-insensitive by default (if there is even an option to make it case-sensitive).

[github] Make branch workflow more robust by danilaml · Pull Request #66781 · llvm/llvm-project
Added a check for space (I hope it won’t be ignored by contains if it does something stupid like .strip()-ing it’s content).