Loop vectorizer Queires


I have a few issues in vectorizing loops using Clang 3.8.
Will it be ok if I shoot some of my findings and queries here?

Meanwhile, can I please know if LLVM support autovectorized MIC instructions for Xeon phi?
If so, could you please tell me the flags to use?

I am Jumana, a masters student in Embedded system working as a graduate research intern with Intel. For my thesis, I am working with bench-marking auto-vectorizer for various architectures.
I have certain issues which I find difficult to explain myself. I tried posting in LLVM forum, but looks like I have no access.

Awaiting your reply.


You're a researcher and intern, but asking basic questions like this? Umm...

"MIC instructions" - are you referring to the AVX512 supported in KNL
or the pre-cursor to this in KNC? (Which supported a few more and a
few less instructions than what ended up being AVX512)


Thanks for your response. I would like to run my code on Xeon phi earlier version that is KNC.

Well I asked the basic question because of various reasons.

I found that LLVM emits auto vectorized code for MIC with flags -mavx512f and -mavx512cd. I used clang 3.8 and my vectorized code did not emit any vector-512 instructions nor zmm registers are used. So I thought, there is a difference between flags for KNL and KNC. The architecture I have got to test is KNC. - mcpu=help does not distinguish this(may be I dont understand) and I got confused.

I think there is a combination of flags that I should use for KNC.

It will be nice to be clarified with this.

LLVM compiler supports KNL and does not support KNC.

-march=knl will enable KNL instruction set.

In order to see ZMM registers you should have a loop that can be vectorized and use –O2 or –O3 optimization level.

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