Make Clang find Vcpkg installed libraries

Hello everyone,
I’m new to Clang and C++ in general and wanted to write some code using libraries I installed from Vcpkg. I did everything in the guide on their (Vcpkg) GitHub page but I just can’t seem to understand how to make Clang recognize the libraries I install using Vcpkg.
Is there a Path variable or flag I can use to make Clang “find” these libraries or just integrate with Vcpkg? Is there a different way to use libraries with Clang? Maybe make Clang search recursively the Vcpkg directories?
Thank you!
Btw, I’m using MacOS 12.3.1

I think you’d better introduce Vcpkg more. I didn’t mean to explain what Vcpkg is. I mean what kind of library you need or the structure of your current code.