mingw search path recommendation

I'm ramping up to speed on building clang (c/c++) from svn on win7 32bit. So far it's worked surprisingly well with my msys/mingw 4.6.2 w/autoconf setup, and I'm investigating cmake.

My goal is to automate things a bit so that I end up with archive that can be injected into my build toolchain. After spelunking the archives and stackoverflow, my question is...what's the current status of


and what's expected to become the "official" recommendation for 3.1? I'm guessing it's _not_ #6 from http://clang.llvm.org/get_started.html which may likely be remain for awhile.


I don't think any changes will make it for the 3.1 release, at least
not from my side. I just started poking around the driver as Chandler
suggested. The previous patch was my attempt to fix the broken mingw
search paths (two missing C include directories) but I'm not an expert
when it comes to mingw. I'm not sure if this new logic will cover
Cygwin/MSYS or if they should be handled like real GCC.