MLIR News, 24th edition (1/8/2021)

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Welcome to the twenty-fourth issue of the MLIR (bi)Weekly, a newsletter covering developments in MLIR, and related projects in the ecosystem. MLIR (bi)Weekly is brought to you by a collective effort of contributors, we welcome your contributions!




Table-driven Infrastructure

Optimizations and Code Generation


  • @george has been submitting an [RFC] Converting multi-threaded SPIR-V to LLVM dialect: overview
  • spv.SpecConstantOperation is supported in serialization and deserialzation.
  • SPIR-V dialect gains two new trait: UsableInSpecConstantOp and UnsignedOp.
  • SPIRVOpLowering is replaced by OpConversionPattern to rely more on core dialect conversion framework.
  • More refactoring changes have landed to improve SPIR-V deserialization code structure and compilation speed.


The Python bindings continue to get more additions:

In the Ecosystem

mlir-npcomp: Prototype for compiling numpy programs

  • npcomp deleted its original Python API and switched to the upstream MLIR Python API developed to replace it.

CIRCT : Circuit IR Compilers and Tools aka ‘MLIR for hardware’

Recent Talks

  • The slides and videos for the 6th LLVM Compiler Infrastructure in HPC workshop are online, including @joker-eph’s keynote MLIR: an Agile Infrastructure for Building a Compiler Ecosystem (video / slides).
    See also a few talks about ML applied to compilers, as well as Hal Finkel’s talk on Really Embedding Domain-Specific Languages into C++: is there a connection to MLIR here? Could we plug DSLs in C++ and lower them to MLIR inside Clang?