Modernize the LLVM "Building A GIT" tutorial series


I'm interested in 'Modernize the LLVM "Building A GIT" tutorial series' ,and I would like to contact with mentors "Vassil Vassilev and Lang Hames" for further discussions.

+Lang & Vassil for JIT things

Thank you for your reply,

As mentioned, I’m interested in working with this project and I think I can add more to the tutorial of building JIT compiler.
I would like to connect with both of you to give a guidance and/or any additional notes you would recommend me to do.

My regards,

Hi Mostafa,

Thanks for reaching out and your interest in GSoC!

Could you send us your CV (perhaps off the llvm-dev mailing list).

I would recommend you to build and play a little with the OrcJit infrastructure (at least to test some of the other tutorials) if you have not. We do not have a lot of time so I would like to encourage you to start drafting a proposal. Ideally we should at least have time to make one iteration over it.

Best, Vassil