Msg 4 Introduction Re: cfe-dev Digest, Vol 82, Issue 82

Another new person here, I am Tim. I am getting started with Clang and willing to pitch in. Never worked on compilers before other than java script.

I am drawn by cross platform so we can support freebsd linux mac and windows with a single code base more or less, begining with windows. I can do some grind it out stuff on windows. I have gotten clang/llvm to build on MSVC2013, at least something builds and says success, so its a start.

I am also willing to do whatever consensus is that is needed most. I appreciate the fact this compiler exists! Looking for the entry point.

Hi Tim and welcome. Have a look at open projects (not sure how up to date this page is). To get started I suggest browsing bugzilla, pick something you think you could fix. Feel free to start a discussion thread on the mailing list in case you need help (irc is also used by many llvm/clang developers). Once you have a patch send it to cfe-commits for review :slight_smile:

Happy hacking!