New Learning Resource for Clang Libraries (Slide Deck and Code Examples)

Recently, I had the experience of learning how to use the Clang libraries (LLVM/Clang 15) with the goal of possibly later being able to teach this to some of my students. During the learning process, I developed a set of about 280 lecture slides covering various aspects of the libraries along with numerous code examples. Just in case this might be helpful to others, I have made the code examples available in a public Git repository on GitHub. Links for the Git repository, slide deck, and an abstract for the slides are as follows:

Any feedback on the above code examples or slides would be most welcome.


Wow, thank you for posting this resource, that’s really fantastic! I’ve not had a chance to review it very thoroughly, but my spot-checking of the PDF didn’t spot any egregious issues so far. It looks to be a really good resource, especially for folks new to the code base.

This is awesome!