Resource for Learning Clang Libraries β€” Lecture Slides and Code Examples (Version 0.1.0)

Hi Everyone,

While learning how to use the Clang libraries, I have been documenting what I have been learning in the form of a set of lecture slides and a companion Git repository (hosted by GitHub) containing code examples. I have been using these materials in order to teach some of my students how to use the Clang libraries. When I announced the first release of these lecture slides back in early January, the feedback that I received was quite positive. So, I thought that I would mention that a new release of these slides (version 0.1.0) is now available for anyone who might be interested. Since the previous release, I have added approximately 120 new slides, added a number of new code examples in the Git repository, and made numerous improvements to the old content as well. The lecture slides and Git repository can be found at:

A direct link to the slides and an abstract for the slides are as follows:

Incidentally, some of the information on the slides was deduced by examining the Clang source code and/or studying the code’s behavior at run time. Hopefully, this deduction process resulted in reasonably accurate information in most cases.

As always, any feedback on the slides or code examples in the companion Git repository is most welcome.