New LLVM Automated Nightly Tester

This is just a note to point out that LLVM now has a automated nightly
regression test suite. The results of which are here:

The script is checked into CVS in the utils/NightlyTest* files.

This is meant to keep track of the progress LLVM makes with bug fixes, and
help ensure that LLVM get more solid as it is developed, not more fragile.
Currently we only test on X86 machines, keeping track of a variety of
different aspects of the CVS tree [including checkins and checkouts,
build warnings, and status of LLVM compiling various programs].

There are several features that would be nice to add to the output, but
are too low of a priority for me to get to right now. If anyone is
interested in some perl/gnuplot hacking, please let me know. :slight_smile: