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Dear LLVM users,

The development of LLVM has been supported primarily by funding from the National Science Foundation and the University of Illinois. in order to maintain our sources of funding and attract new ones, It is important for us to be able to document how LLVM is benefiting companies, universities, other organizations, and individuals in the outside world. (The information we get from downloads is insufficient because we cannot distinguish casual downloads from active users.)

WE HOPE YOU WILL HELP US GATHER THIS STATISTICAL INFORMATION. If you are using LLVM at present or have used LLVM in the past, please answer the following short list of questions. It would be sufficient for us to get "anonymous" information such whether you are at a university or company, using LLVM for development, research, or teaching, etc.. Additional specifics such as company names, etc., are optional but valuable also. Please reply to this message even if you think we know about you, and even if you are at UIUC but not a member of the LLVM research group -- it will help us tabulate the information accurately. (Note that your replies will go to vadve@cs.uiuc.edu, not to llvmdev@cs.uiuc.edu):

                     ---BRIEF QUESTIONNAIRE FOR LLVM USERS---

(a) Do you consider yourself an active user of LLVM at present?

(b) If your previous answer is YES, how long have you been using LLVM actively? If your answer was NO, when did you stop using LLVM?

(c) Which of the following best describes your project :
  (i) Development project (including exploratory projects)
  (ii) Research project
  (iii) Student using LLVM for a class project
  (iv) Instructor using LLVM for class projects

(d) Which of the following best describes the organization or context of your project:
  (i) University
  (ii) Established company
  (iii) Startup or early-stage venture
  (iv) Open source software project
  (v) Individual interest project

(e) [OPTIONAL] What is the name of your organization referred to in the previous question? What is your department or group?

(f) Which of the following best describes how you are using or used LLVM (specify all that are applicable):
  (i) To implement a language
  (ii) As an optimization framework
  (iii) As a program analysis framework
  (iv) To implement a managed runtime system (JIT or interpreter-based)
  (v) For supporting a architecture, processor, or hardware design
  (vi) For some part of an operating system, e.g., improving portability or performance.

(g) Where are you located:
  (i) USA
  (ii) Canada
  (iii) Mexico or Central America
  (iii) South America
  (iv) Europe excluding Russia
  (v) Russia
  (vi) China
  (vii) India
  (viii) Asia excluding China and India
  (ix) Australia
  (x) South Pacific excluding Australia

(h) How did you obtain your current copy of LLVM?
  (i) Web download
  (ii) CVS access
  (iii) Copy from someone else

(i) [OPTIONAL] If you have any positive or negative comments about LLVM, please include them here. All comments are welcome. If you don't have time, please do send us the other answers above. Thanks!!

                        ---END OF QUESTIONNAIRE---

--Vikram Adve

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