NVIDIA transition from fir-dev

Dear Flang Community and Supporters,

NVIDIA’s involvement in fir-dev, the fir-dev branch on github flang-compiler/18-llvm-project, is coming to a close.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to fir-dev and to all of the dedicated contributors and reviewers who helped upstream code to llvm-project.

As of April 21, 2022, NVIDIA will transition to contributing directly to llvm-project. NVIDIA will no longer be contributing to or upstreaming code from fir-dev.

Access to fir-dev will remain open. There will be no change in the access policies or permissions without consensus of the flang community. Others are free to continue to use fir-dev.

NVIDIA will continue to contribute to llvm-project/flang with the same dedication that we have in the past. Our commitment to flang is unwavering.

– Steve


Q: What about the NVIDIA patches in fir-dev that are not yet upstreamed?
A: NVIDIA will work with the community to land these patches directly into llvm-project. NVIDIA will not be updating fir-dev as this happens.

Q: Will NVIDIA review, approve, or merge changes into fir-dev after April 21?
A: No. We are redirecting our efforts to llvm-project. NVIDIA will still be participating as always, but directly in phabricator and llvm-project.


This is great news. Many thanks to Nvidia and the FIR team (@schweitz @jeanPerier valdonaldson). Special thanks to @clementval @psteinfeld and the community for the upstreaming effort!

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