Open MLIR Meeting 2/9/2023: Deep Dive on MLIR Internals, Operation&Attribute, towards Properties

This Thursday, February 9th (9am California Time, 17:00 UTC), I will present my proposal for Operation Properties as a new concept to potentially replace inherent Attributes on Operation.

This is a topic that touches on some of the very deep corners of the MLIR Core implementation, and as such I thought it may be a good opportunity to start with a deep dive on “how is MLIR implemented”?

In this presentation, I plan to spend a large amount of time first on the Operation storage: if you ever wondered what happens when you create an Operation, this may be interesting! Then I’ll try to explain how we get/create Attributes, before introducing Properties. Hopefully we’ll have some time for discussion/questions, but we can also follow-up next week.

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 851 5109 0498
Passcode: 828404


Will this be recorded?

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Is there recurring calender meeting invite link for mlir talks?

From a person that is still learning MLIR, thanks for the deep dive, I found it to be very instructive and enjoyable.


Slides and Recording are up!

We’re in the process of switching there, a tentative link for the future is:
Let me know if it works: can you subscribe to this calendar and track it?
Opens to suggestion of how to manage the calendar for the meeting otherwise!

In general also, try to subscribe to this announcement category to get notified about the meetings.

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@mehdi_amini - Sure. I will track it. I have subscribed to it and there is meeting on every Thursday 17:00 UTC but there is no meeting link in it to join it.

Sure. I will subscribe to announcement category. Thanks!