OpenCL frontend

Dear Clang(ers),
I have a question related to the status of OpenCL in clang. Is there any plan of implementing OpenCL support in clang? Will we see something with the release of clang 2.8?

thanks for the informations.
cheers, Simone P.

Clang is the parser in a number of OpenCL implementations. However, without the OpenCL headers or runtime, that's not very useful. I haven't seen any indication that a full, open-source OpenCL implementation will become available, and it's certainly far too late for that to happen for the 2.8 release.

  - Doug

The only non-proprietary thing I know is Clover, which is the OpenCL implementation for the Gallium3d architecture. Of course, it's very, very far from complete, or even usable. But I'm sure they'd love developers.

And yes, Clover uses Clang as its frontend.