[OpenMP] Runtime problem with subtraction reduction

I have recently begun working on adding OpenMP reductions to Flang. I’ve come across a peculiar problem while trying to implement subtraction.

For a loop such as:

!$omp parallel
!$omp do reduction(-:x)
do i = 1, 100
  x = x - i
end do
!$omp end do
!$omp end parallel

The correct output here would be -5050, however when I attempt to run it, x instead prints as 0. This same loop reduces perfectly fine for addition and multiplication.

I’ve been trying to debug the issue, but can’t seem to find the problem.
This is the MLIR emitted:

module attributes {fir.defaultkind = "a1c4d8i4l4r4", fir.kindmap = "", llvm.target_triple = "aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu"} {
  omp.reduction.declare @subtract_reduction_i_32 : i32 init {
  ^bb0(%arg0: i32):
    %c0_i32 = arith.constant 0 : i32
    omp.yield(%c0_i32 : i32)
  } combiner {
  ^bb0(%arg0: i32, %arg1: i32):
    %0 = arith.subi %arg0, %arg1 : i32
    omp.yield(%0 : i32)
  func.func @_QPreduction_subtract() {
    %0 = fir.alloca i32 {bindc_name = "i", uniq_name = "_QFreduction_subtractEi"}
    %1 = fir.alloca i32 {bindc_name = "x", uniq_name = "_QFreduction_subtractEx"}
    %c0_i32 = arith.constant 0 : i32
    fir.store %c0_i32 to %1 : !fir.ref<i32>
    omp.parallel   {
      %2 = fir.alloca i32 {adapt.valuebyref, pinned}
      %c1_i32 = arith.constant 1 : i32
      %c100_i32 = arith.constant 100 : i32
      %c1_i32_0 = arith.constant 1 : i32
      omp.wsloop   reduction(@subtract_reduction_i_32 -> %1 : !fir.ref<i32>) for  (%arg0) : i32 = (%c1_i32) to (%c100_i32) inclusive step (%c1_i32_0) {
        fir.store %arg0 to %2 : !fir.ref<i32>
        %3 = fir.load %2 : !fir.ref<i32>
        omp.reduction %3, %1 : !fir.ref<i32>

The only difference between the MLIR here and for addition is the subi in omp.reduction.declare. I’m unsure if I’m overlooking something here and would appreciate any help/suggestions.

I’ve created a WIP patch on phabricator containing the changes, here:
:gear: D131679 [WIP][Flang][OpenMP] Add support for integer subtraction reduction in worksharing-loop

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I guess you cannot just make a subtraction of your temporary accumulators in your reduction when you combined them because you will have your subtraction and the negative result in the accumulator cancel themself.

-25 - -25 = -25 + 25 = 0

I think you’re correct, and it makes logical sense that the code generated would act that way, because the combining operator for the rest of the reductions is the same as the reduction operator.

My problem is, changing the operator in MLIR to arith.addi means the end result is 5050, as it uses the one MLIR line to emit both blocks meaning it becomes an addition reduction. Is there an extra line I can emit in MLIR to change this behaviour? Or is the solution going to be to change how MLIR is lowered further?

Subtractive reductions are an absolutely nonsense garbage feature that never should have gone into OpenMP. The committee barely knows what they are supposed to do. You’d be doing the world a favor by throwing an error instead of trying to support them. No one will ever use them and the compliance test suits that verify this feature are wasting everyone’s time.


The minus operator for reductions was deprecated in 5.2.


Ah, okay that makes things easier! Thank you everyone for the help.