Phabricator down


unfortunately phab has gone down and I currently don’t have access to fix it up. I’ll work on it first thing tomorrow, so ETA for it getting back is roughly 14 hours.


Just as a tiny update, Manuel is actively working on it, but a small issue has turned into a larger issue… stay tuned…

We should be back up - please let me know if anything doesn’t work as expected…


Is Phabricator down again? I’m starting to see the following:

[Rendering Exception] Multiple exceptions during processing and rendering.
    - AphrontQueryConnectionException: Attempt to connect to phabricator@localhost failed with error #1040: Too many connections.
    - InvalidArgumentException: Argument 1 passed to AphrontView::setUser() must be an instance of PhabricatorUser, null given, called in /srv/http/phabricator/src/view/page/PhabricatorStandardPageView.php on line 197 and defined

Yep, sorry, we ran out of space on the instance’s database volume. I’ll update this once we’re back up.

And we’re back. Now with 20GB more we can fill up with denormalized info about the svn repo :slight_smile: