PlatformLinux::CreateInstance() and Triple Vendor

PlatformLinux::CreateInstance() has this code, which checks the Vendor in
the Triple:

        switch (triple.getVendor())
            case llvm::Triple::PC:
                create = true;

#if defined(__linux__)
            // Only accept "unknown" for the vendor if the host is linux and
            // it "unknown" wasn't specified (it was just returned because
            // was NOT specified_
            case llvm::Triple::VendorType::UnknownVendor:
                create = !arch->TripleVendorWasSpecified();

I don't think the Linux platform should care about the Vendor, just the Core
and OS. What do you guys think?

I agree. For PlatformMacOSX, we care to make sure no vendor was specified (unspecified unknown) or we want MacOSX, iOS, or Darwin and nothing else. For Linux, just the OS should be enough.

Feel free to remove the vendor test as this was probably copied from one of the Mac or iOS platforms.

Greg Clayton