Poll: Meeting time for Clang C/C++ Language Working Group

Hello all,

Thanks all for expressing interest in forming a Clang C/C++ language working group. I would like to set the date/time for the first meeting. I have a few options for consideration, I would like to run the poll to determine meeting preference until end of week. I can then create the meeting and share an agenda for all to contribute.

Note: all times are in Eastern Time Zone

  • Wed March 2 11am-12pm
  • Fri March 4 2pm-3pm
  • Mon March 7 1pm-2pm
  • Mon March 7 2pm-3pm
  • Tue March 8 11am-12pm

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Thanks for setting this up.

I suggest posting a link to this poll in the original thread. I was expecting updates there and just stumbled upon this post by accident.

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Thanks, that’s a good suggestion. I’ll add a link back to the original thread.

Thanks all for giving preferences for the meeting time. I have scheduled a meeting for Wednesday March 2 11am-12pm ET (Google Calendar Link).

I’ve also created created a WG agenda/minutes doc, please feel free to contribute any agenda items to the doc.

Finally, I’ve created a shared Google calendar.

I’ll create a link back here in the original thread. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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