powerpc-darwin8 build/test status page

   For anyone who might be interested, I've thrown together a little page to track my builds of llvm and clang, both release 3.0 and svn-trunk, on powerpc-darwin8.


I'll update the list of logs each time I svn-update and build. It's nowhere as nice as a real buildbot page, but it's better than nothing.

3.0 still has over 20 test failures, while svn-trunk has over 800.
A lot of the failures with 3.0 are still reproducible on trunk.


Out of curiosity: is it already possible to build actual code with Clang on PPC?
Last time I've checked it was failing in CodeGen.

Yes, and it works quite well. For example we can compile a booting
freebsd-ppc32 kernel, etc. Last big thing missing is PIC support (on ELF


I'm only able to compile the simplest programs (hello-world) with release-3.0 (on powerpc-darwin8). I do get unexpected errors on more complex inputs, or turning on even modest optimization. The test suite shows some unexpected crashes, so I'd like to attack those first.

svn-trunk has way too many failures. Perhaps those more knowledgeable can dig through my logs for testing svn-trunk, and suggest where to look first.

If you want to reproduce my findings with release-3.0, I recommend using fink with my packaging file, it does a bunch of patching, and hacking with the build.