PowerPC Regressions for LLVM 1.6

Dear All,

Thanks to the testing done by Bill Wendling, we have the following list of regressions for PPC:

TEST (cbe) 'exception_spec_test' FAILED! ********************
TEST (cbe) 'function_try_block' FAILED! ********************

Oopack (jit, llc, and cbe) also fails, but I don't know if that's a regression or not.

I'm alright with releasing with these regressions (they're exception handling issues), but if someone wants to fix these in the release branch, that's fine.

Tanya, do you have any results to report for Sparc?

Also, a note about the release branch: I will no longer be merging bug fixes for the release from mainline CVS to the branch. If you're working on the release, you'll need to commit fixes directly to the release branch.

All changes in the release branch will get merged back into mainline CVS after the release is done, so if you fix something in the release branch, I'll automatically merge it with mainline. Merging the branch into mainline is just a lot easier than merging individual revisions into the branch.

If you need help with committing stuff to the release branch, just email the list or ask me on the IRC channel. This gist of it is that you get a working copy from CVS with the release branch tag (cvs co -r release_16) and then do your commits in that working copy (all commits will automatically go into the release_16 branch).

Thanks again, everbody, for your help with this release. I think we'll be getting it out either today or tomorrow if everything goes well.

-- John T.