premerge-testing down

Hi folks,

Bad news: the permerge testing service is down after a Jenkins update. We’re working on it but it’s more difficult to resolve this than expected. I disabled the builds right now.

I’ll keep you posted once it’s back online. Sorry for the downtime…

Hi folks,

The premerge-tests are back online. Sorry for the downtime.

We’re already looking into a more stable architecture. However as long as we’re using Phabricator for code reviews, builds and tests will always be brittle. The build server integration is not on the level you see it in other tools…

In case anyone wants to know the background of the outage:

Hi Christian,

For some time now all my pre-merge builds have failed with:

Note: Google Test filter = ConnectionFileDescriptorTest.TCPGetURIv6
[==========] Running 1 test from 1 test case.
[----------] Global test environment set-up.

It makes the pre-merge testing useless for me, because I ignore every “Harbormaster failed remote builds” message, which is not a good state of affairs.

I see this has already been reported here:

Is anybody able to fix this?


Hi Jay,

We recently added lldb to the projects being tested and it seems that this particular test requires IPv6 networking which Kubernetes on Google Cloud does not seem to offer at the moment.

I just removed lldb from the list of tested projects until we have found a solution to either enable IPv6 or the test can deal with not having IPv6 networking…