Problem running llvm generated a.out

Sorry if this is the wrong forum...

I downloaded the llvm-gcc 4.2 frontend binaries for MacOS X x68 (running
10.4.11), and the llvm source. I unpacked the front end in
/Users/mobius/llvm, and the backend source in /Users/mobius/llvm-2.2. I
configured with the following string, according to config.log:
./configure --prefix=/Users/mobius/llvm --with-llvmgccdir=/Users/mobius/llvm

Tools appear in the llvm/bin dir as expected. I compile a simple C program
with the following command:
llvm-gcc array.c

I run the resulting a.out, and it gives me:
dyld: Library not loaded:
  Referenced from: /Users/mobius/./a.out
  Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap

Now as you might expect, I don't have a user dir "lattner" on my machine -
did I screw up the configure or not follow the directions properly? Do I
need to extend my $PATH, or set something like $LD_LIBRARY_PATH or
something? Any suggestions?


I think you can set up DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, but, in general, I'd recommend against that. You can use otool to change the install name of the dynamic library, but, that's kinda gross. All in all, I'd just recommend building from source.