process launch without install

Hi, I’m remote debugging to linux (from windows), and I’m trying to launch a binary that already exists on both the client and target machines. Regardless of what I do, it always wants to transfer the (very large) executable to the remote machine and run it. Is there a way to avoid this?

I’m running this, with lldb launched from the client working dir that contains the binary:

platform select remote-linux
platform settings -w /remote/working/dir
platform connect connect://remotehost:44333

target create -r binaryname binaryname

process launch -s

I always end up with a large transfer, due to the install. From the logs:

Target::lldb_private::Target::Launch() called for C:\my\local\working\dir\binaryname
Platform::Install (src=‘C:\my\local\working\dir\binaryname’, dst=’/remote/working/dir/binaryname’)

Regardless of what I do, I always end up with a copy to the remote working dir. If I specify the full path to the remote binary, it creates a new copy in the remote working dir. In the above example I have the binary already in the working dir and the transfer still occurs.

Is there a way to avoid the copy when the binary exists on both sides?