Product Services Engineer

Arxan Technologies provides sophisticated anti-cracking tools that protect application programs from software piracy, tampering, and reverse engineering. Arxan is a privately held, venture backed, fast growing company in the application security technologies space. Primary market areas are ISV software, digital media software, gaming software and mobile financial software. Arxan is a clear leader in this field, with excellent career growth opportunity

We are looking for a highly technical software engineer to execute engineering services for customers of our products. A candidate needs to have a strong computer science background, knowledge of application security and software cracking, and an interest and ability to work with customers in protecting their software and digital assets using Arxan products and technologies. Training in these skills will be provided to the right strong candidate.

This position is located in downtown San Francisco, one block from the Montgomery BART and Muni station, and near other transit hubs including CalTrain and the bus terminal. Occasional travel is a requirement, averaging 10-20% over time. Travel will primarily be to the western USA and Asia.

Depending on workloads, an additional element of the job will be participation in product development programs, focused on customer oriented test development, internal usage of Arxan products for product security purposes, and related development programs.

Our technologies address all major computing platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, WebOS, WinPhone 7, and others. Arxan products are being used in some of the most visible and highest volume technology products in the world today. As a services engineer, you will be on the forefront of the effort to protect the world’s commercial software from piracy, reversing, IP theft and related cracking, and will get exposure to many of the world’s premier technology companies.

Required Skills:

Experience developing C/C++ software in complex application environments. Experience with Visual Studio and Windows application development, and GCC and Linux application development.

Understanding of basic differences amongst different binary and executable file types (PE, COFF, ELF, DWARF; dll’s, shared objects, etc.).

Experience with a wide variety of s/w build solution technologies.

Some x86 and/or ARM assembly language and binary code level experience and knowledge…

Ability to think logically through complex problems to achieve technical solutions.

Good oral and written communication skills, including ability to work with remote staff. Good analytical skills and attention to detail. Solid teamwork with co-workers in Services, Sale, Support, Product Development and QA.

Bachelor degree in CS or equivalent. Masters degree preferred.

Desired Skills:

Experience in software piracy and anti-piracy very helpful, including licensing, encryption, code obfuscation, and common cracking techniques and tools including IdaPro, OllyDbg and others.

Experience with phone application development for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android based devices.

Extensive systems level expertise in any of: compiler technology, linker technology, debugger technology, or low level operating systems technology.

Windows, Linux and/or OSX (32 and 64 bit) run-time model knowledge (memory management, exception management, stack management, etc.).

.NET development or internals experience.

Java development experience.

Encryption technologies understanding at an architecture level (symmetric vs. asymmetric, AES, RSA, ECC, hashing algorithms).


The successful candidate may work out of our downtown San Francisco (one block from Montogomery BART/Muni station, and a short walk from the CalTrain station) office.

Joe Abbey
Director of S/W Development
Arxan Technologies, Inc.
1305 Cumberland Ave, Ste 215
West Lafayette, IN 47906