Proposed change to X86 Code Ownership

I haven’t had much focus on X86 for about the last 2 years. To reflect that, I think it’s time to transfer X86 code ownership to others.

I nominate Phoebe Wang(Intel) and Simon Pilgrim(Sony Playstation) as co-owners. Phoebe regularly commits to X86 and is positioned to work with the rest of Intel’s code generation team. Simon has a long history of contributions to X86 code optimizations as well as general SelectionDAG and cost models.

@RKSimon @phoebe


+1. Hard to imagine a better team to take over from Craig.


Thanks Craig! You did great job in contributing to the X86 support in LLVM through both numerous high quality commits and reviews. It’s a pity to the X86 world you changed your focus.
It is great honor to be nominated as co-owner with Simon. Also my colleagues and I will continuously learn from you and contribute to X86 backend support.

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I support this proposal! Both Simon and Phoebe has done a great work reviewing and fixing issues in the release branch and is always very responsive and helpful!


Thank you Craig - it says something about the time and effort you have put in that it will take 2 of us to try and keep up!


+1 thank you for your hard works Craig. Simon and Phoebe are the perfect fits IMO.

I haven’t seen any objections. @rksimon and @phoebe can you update the CODE_OWNERS.txt file?

Sure - thank you everyone.

Done. Thanks all!