[PSA] ODS Op `verifier` field is being removed!

Hi all!

This is a PSA that the ODS operation verifier field is being removed in favor of a hasVerifier bit field.

What this means is that instead of specifying a code block for the verifier, you will instead define a LogicalResult MyOp::verify() function in the source file (see D118742). This is an important transition that we’ve been meaning to do for a while, and will solve a bunch of awkwardness surrounding the current verifier code block (lots of code in tablegen, people defining their own patterns for verification definition, some verifiers not actually being used, etc.). I’ll be leaving the current verifier field up for a while to give time for a transition.

– River

PS: A slight spoiler, but we will also be having a similar transition for parsers and printers (i.e. from code block to proper method). Please consider switching your formats to the declarative format (if you haven’t already!) if you can before hand to help mitigate some transitions.