Read access violation 0x400000001


as a code completion is sent to our llvm server, we get a failure like this

I try to check the callstack, so apparently Relevance variable would be corrupted in CodeComplete.cpp

case RM::DecisionForest:
      DecisionForestScores DFScores = Opts.DecisionForestScorer(
          Quality, Relevance, Opts.DecisionForestBase);
  • is this a known bug ?
  • how can I have a decent debug trace with variables values an unoptimized code?

this is how I build the source

cmake.exe -H. -G Ninja 
--build ../llvm-source/llvm
BuildConsole /command="cmake.exe --build ."

thanks for your help

cannot paste images :frowning:

Using -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=“Debug” instead of RelWithDebInfo should give you better stack traces/debuggability. It should make it easier to track where the corruption occurred (or perhaps it’s the case of missing initialization).

Yeah I ended up doing that