Read input into MLIR

func @main(%cf2:f32,%cf3:f32) {
%A = alloc() : memref<1x2xf32> %cf2, %A[0,0] : memref<1x2xf32> %cf3, %A[0,1] : memref<1x2xf32>
%U1 = memref_cast %A: memref<1x2xf32> to memref<*xf32>
call @print_memref_f32(%U1): (memref<*xf32>) -> ()
func @print_memref_f32(memref<*xf32>)

I converted this mlir to LLVM using :
1.mlir-opt --lower-affine --convert-scf-to-std -convert-std-to-llvm
2.mlir-translate -mlir-to-llvmir

then I compile the code using clang ex.ll path-to/ -o main
When I run using LD_LIBRARY_PATH="path to " ./main 0.0 1.0

I am getting output as [[0, 3.34724e+21]]
But I am expecting value as [[0.0,1.0]]

Is there any library which I have to link for taking input from command prompt?

Thank You

We don’t forward command line arguments to main, so this won’t work.

There is no such library. But it should be easy to write one yourself and call an appropriate MLIR from it.