Recent improvements on


Time for an update about recent improvements and changes on

Arm64 is now generating arm64 for all Debian & Ubuntu supported versions.

Thanks to Leandro Nunes & Kristof Beyls from ARM for the help and support.

Packages are built on two servers with 80 CPU and 256G of RAM.

For example, on Debian Bullseye, just add the following to your sources.list files:

deb llvm-toolchain-bullseye main


MLIR packages now generated from LLVM 13.

Packages can be installed with:
apt install libmlir-13 libmlir-13-dev mlir-13-tools


Sources and dsc files are signed and published using sigstore.

These files can be verified with the following sequence:

wget --quiet
./rekor verify --rekor_server --signature $sig_file --public-key sigstore.public.key --artifact $url just got a new option to install all packages at once (instead of just the main packages):

It can be used like: 13 all

Or all

Various services


I took the opportunity to fix and extend scan-build reports:

They are now showing errors on other projects like mlir (but libc++ and a few others are still missing).


I fixed the coverity analysis. The analysis is done on a daily basis. It has been broken since the move to the gcp infrastructure.

It is identifying 3 138 defects in the code base.

Thanks to the Linux Foundation and the OpenSSF project for the help!